Designed a single family residence with a recording studio inside. Located on the east side of the Sierra Madrilena.


The aim of the project was to create a completely soundproof working space, next to a residential area. In other words two Independent environments connected in the most natural way so all spaces area adequately used.


The design of the recording studio included details and architectural materials to achieve a complete soundproof area in one section of the house.


The connection and harmony between the interior and the exterior are expressed through the use of natural architectural materials and elements. Details are found in the stone on the walls, wood on the floors and at the center of the stairway where spots have plants and natural light.


On the first level you will find the office with the recording studio and the guest’s suite. The back of the house has the common areas, which are open spaces with large windows. The living room design immediately shifts your attention to the fire place.


The second level is for the private space of the residence. It is a simple rectangular form, solid and clean. This floor holds the master bedroom, which includes a bathroom and a walk in closet. There are also two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms and a terrace on the roof.


This home is open from north to south so the views of the Sierra de Madrid become the main backdrop for all the living quarters.


Family Home


Madrid, Spain