These days we recognize a more flexible architecture beyond the strictly functional.


Residence Massacio is a retirement community.


The building has five floors, the basement, the first level floor, which has the reception and common areas, and three residential levels with apartment units.


The place where we work lacks parking, so Massacio’s garage will also have access to the public.


The building is organized in multiple sections, each floor has five Independent Apartments with one or two bedrooms. Each unit has its  corresponding kitchen, living room and bathrooms.


One objective was to mitigate the impact that may occur when someone is transferred to the residence. Any reference to hospitals is avoided. The purpose was to  create a domestic and residential environment through the organization of spaces, the materials used and furniture for residents.


Life in the building is complemented by the numerous activity options in the common areas. The building offers services and has specific spaces for its residents.


Retirement Community


Florence, Italy